Walking The Board


And since skateboarding grew out of surfing a lot of the tricks are interchangeable. As is with this trick, walking the board. Also this is a must learn if you surf. You may think that walking up and down your board is easy but as a matter of fact it is tougher than it looks.

This trick is of course best done on long boards. The longer the board the better.

To start the board walk you should be positioned in the middle of your board, at a medium cruising speed. To walk forwards on the board you will use a cross step action. You start by moving your body slightly toward the tail, making sure that the ball of your front foot is right in the middle of your board. Then quickly step forward with your rear foot bringing it around your front foot and making it your new front foot. Put it down across the deck. This may feel a little strange or goofy, hence the term goofy-foot. Welcome to goofy-foot skating.

Anyway… as you plant your back foot in front of your front foot turn your body so that you are facing in the opposite direction to how you normally skate. Another words swing around 180 degrees on the original front foot that you started on in the middle of the board.

Your half way there! Continue around your board by stepping to the back of your board with the foot that you just placed on the nose. Step around your original front foot which is still in the middle of the board. Remember to stay on the balls your original front foot, the foot, which remains in the middle of your deck. This will allow you to pivot around on this foot. As you swing around catch the board with your stepping foot and wala you are back at your original position.

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