The other wheeled sport: biking

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We mostly write about skateboarding, but there’s something of a natural cross-over between skateboarders and cycling. BMX biking is especially similar to skateboarding and shares most of the same demographics. If you’re an avid skateboarding, like me, but want to try something with slightly bigger wheels, here’s a break-down of the most popular forms of biking:

The Mountain Bike. Other times called ATB (All-terrain bikes), the mountain bike is the preferred bike for s almost all types of cycling that don’t occur on pavement. Often the tyres are smaller and thicker and the metal wheels are very durable. They are also usually fitted with two types of suspension—fork and frame—to cope with the specific challenges of riding over uneven terrain. They are found the world over but it was as recently as the late 20th century that mountain bikes developed in the northern California mountains. Since then their popularity has only gained tremendously.

The BMX bike. While the racing and road bikes aren’t necessarily the best for everyday transport, they are far better than BMX bikes, which are only even used for short races, including dirt jumps and to perform tricks. For the skateboarder, a BMX bike is probably the most appealing. In the south of California, when the mountain bike was being developed in the north of the state, in the 1970s, BMXing was being developed, often using traditional bike that were tinkered with by children and teenagers who wanted to create bikes that could mimic motorcycle tricks that were very popularly at the time.

The Touring Bike. Lastly these are the bikes for anyone who’s not certain of exactly what sort of bike to buy. They’re intended to be ridden over long distances and through different types of terrain, so they are designed to be capable of handling anything. Resulting from being so well-built, with a decent touring bike starting at round 750 USD, they are not the cheapest by any stretch, but they offer durability and longevity as well as profound versatility.

As I said before, for someone wanting to branch out from skateboarding, BMX bikes are probably the most similar in spirit, but regardless cycling is in many ways a natural complement to skateboarding.

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