Illegals Go Home

Board Tricks

Ever been in a group of people that did not want you around? What did you do? Have a few free drinks. Have a few laughs. Talk to a few people. Yea it usually is fun for a while. Then if you are like most civil minded people you begin to feel uncomfortable. You begin to feel unwanted. So what do you do?

That’s the way I see this immigration problem. The people who have entered the US illegally have had their fun. They’ve lived off the fat of the land, and our pocketbooks, long enough. And now it is time for them to leave.

I am mad as hell at what I have witnessed in the media the past few days. Criminals emboldened by a few political groups, screaming for an equal status as every other law-abiding citizen of this country. How dare them stand up and demand something that they are not entitled to! How dare them break the law and then demand the law protect them! How dare them try and steal my children’s birthright! How dare them!

Yes, I have heard all the arguments –
They are poor and just looking for a better life for themselves and their families. Aren’t we all? Isn’t that the great American dream? Isn’t that what fuels the economic engine that makes this country great? Yes, almost – the key ingredient that everyone seems to be overlooking is that we all work toward this goal of a better life within the confines of the laws of this country.

They have no opportunities in the home country.
Since when has that become our concern. I am sorry I have to be so blunt b we cannot support the standard of living for the entire world. We are great but not that great. Other countries have to step up and take care of their own economic problems and stop relying on the US to do it for them.

This is a country of immigrants, what give us the right to stop someone from coming to this country for a better life.
Yes! We are a country of Legal immigrants. Whether 1st generation or 5th generation, our families came to this country legally through the front door. We did not sneak in the back door. We pay or taxes and obey the laws of this country. We are a country of immigrants, but more importantly we are a country established under the rule of law. This country works because we have established laws and rules that everyone must play by. We also have consequences for people who break our laws. This is what defines a civilization.

What I have seen the past few days is analogous to someone breaking into you home, eating your food, using your electricity and water, basically living in your home for years while you work to support them and your family. Then when you ask them to leave they demand to stay because you did not kick them out on their ass when they first broke in.

Our elected officials do not seem to have the courage to do what is right. They waffle in congress, making grand speeches and compromises. But they refuse to do what the majority of the legal citizens of this country demand them do. They have proven to me and many others that are spineless cowards who are only interested in keeping their job even at the expense of their constituent’s jobs.

There is no easy solution. However there is only one solution. That is close the boarders, round up the illegal immigrants and deport them. No amnesty. No incentives. No new laws. Just enforce the current laws.

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