All Things Tiki


Freaki has been carving Tikis for hundreds of years. Actually Freaki carved the very first Tiki over 500 years ago on a little island in the south pacific know as Tik Island. The island was know through the Pacific as producing the best Tikis. And Freaki was the best Tiki carver to ever carve Tikis on Tik.

Freaki carved Tikis for all the royal families across the Pacific. He carved tikis for the volcano gods, the voodoo gods, the rain, fire, storm, life, war and peace gods. Freaki even carved a tiki for the most feared god of death. In fact the tiki Freaki carved for the death god was so wonderful that the death god gave Freaki a permanent pass on the whole death thing so that Freaki could continue to carve tikis forever.

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