About Us

Freaki has been carving Tikis for hundreds of years. Actually Freaki carved the very first Tiki over 500 years ago on a little island in the south pacific know as Tik Island. The island was know through the Pacific as producing the best Tikis. And Freaki was the best Tiki carver to ever carve Tikis on Tik.

Freaki carved Tikis for all the royal families across the Pacific. He carved tikis for the volcano gods, the voodoo gods, the rain, fire, storm, life, war and peace gods. Freaki even carved a tiki for the most feared god of death. In fact the tiki Freaki carved for the death god was so wonderful that the death god gave Freaki a permanent pass on the whole death thing so that Freaki could continue to carve tikis forever.

Freaki’s biggest tiki was the Volcano Tiki he carved for his home island of Tik. It was a massive tiki so beloved by the volcano god that he remained quiet for over 400 years. Unfortunately for the Island of Tik a neighboring island tribe stole Freaki’s volcano tiki. The volcano was so enraged that it exploded and completely destroyed the island, sinking all evidence of the once prosperous Tik and the Tiki industry that flourished there.

Freaki survived the terrible eruption and destruction of Tik Island because he was away at another island delivering one of his recently completed tikis. However the loss of his island home kinda twisted Freaki all up inside. Over time Freaki began to blame the tiki gods for the destruction of his island. Freaki came to hate the tiki gods and his carvings started to show this hatred. Freaki started carving his tiki’s from twisted palm trunks. Making his tiki gods look contorted and bent over in shame.

But the tiki gods still loved Freaki for all of the wonderful tikis that he had carved in the past. And even though he carved their images in contorted forms now, they saw his pain and understood why he hated them so.